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Ecumenical & Interfaith
Strives to increase understanding and cooperation between member churches and other faith communities through such events as the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Holy Week worship services, interfaith Thanksgiving worship, The Springfield Ecumenical School of Theology, and other educational dialogues and events.

Community Ministry: Seeks to make “faith active in love” by addressing community-identified needs through public advocacy, lobbying, and education. This division coordinates the availability of specific services to the Greater Springfield community. It encourages and engages in study and action regarding issues of peace and justice.

Pastoral Services: Plans, develops, and implements pastoral care and chaplaincy services to public and private institutions, and works to ensure that professional pastoral counseling is available to all.

Business & Finance: The Business & Finance Division develops and supervises a program for financial support of the Council. It prepares the annual budget and supervises budgetary operations.

Public Relations:Promotes and creates a better understanding by the general public of the cooperative work of the Council. It develops public relations programs; and it is responsible for publishing the Council newsletter and press releases for media distribution.
ariety of histories and denominations. Currently, our membership comes from African Methodist Episcopal, African Methodist Episcopal Zion, Armenian, Baptist, Community, Episcopal, Evangelical, Federated, Independent, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, and United Church of Christ churches. We are also seeking a broader participation and voice from our larger family of church denominations. Logo


Our Mission is to serve the community in the Spirit of Christian Unity.
Our Vision is to be the vehicle that builds bridges to connect local congregations and community organizations together in a spirit of Unity.

For Community:

  • Unite churches in common vision - joint actions
  • Provide increased visibility and increased membership to produce increased impact.
  • Bring churches together on justice issues.
  • Empower people to live better lives.
  • Provide resources for those in need, including direct services.
  • Advocay and action
  • Homelessness prevention and triage resources

For Churches:

  • Promote church growth and vitality
  • Information for churches
  • Church Directories
  • Connecting churches to increase impact
  • Connecting churches to maximize available resources
  • Special resources for churches

For Youth:

  • Activate youth civically and spiritually
  • Children's Sabbath
  • Community Service
  • READ!
  • Character Development
  • Youth Ministry
  • Homeless Children Resources

Our Projects:

 . Church Resource Directory
 . Chaplaincy
 . Training: Youth Ministry Forum
 . Live Streaming
 . Fuel Emergency
 . Diapers for Mothers
 . Homelessness Church Hotline
 . Radio station for members
 . Food Cards
 . Office Supplies for Churches
 . Youth Data Base
 . Access To Recovery
 . Hygiene & Baby Kits
 . Bible Study for Clergy
 . Youth Hotline

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The Council of Churches of Western Massachusetts  
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